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July 5, 2010 - July 5, 2013

Angel Hugs Ministry


July 5, 2013


Angel Hugs to You, –


As I write this Love Letter to each of you precious Angels, it is with Peace from the Father….


Three years ago today, Angel Hugs Ministry was laid on my heart to begin to reach out to women with Fibromyalgia and chronic illness…the Amazing Journey started…


The blessings began on July 5, 2010 at the Fellowship Hall, FBC Mixon, at 10:00 am with 6 Ladies that were present – and the last fellowship, June 22, 2013, in the evening at 6pm at Troup Seniors Apartments, with 30 Ladies in attendance.  The website was birthed, and the Angels in Ministry Leadership with many diverse personalities; grace, devotion, service and loyalty to Jesus has been a Blessing to me and to so many that will always be precious memories that we will never forget and carry on…the Prayers…oh the Prayers…there is Nothing Like the Power of Prayer! Nothing! So many times I can remember Angels that said, I am so glad I came tonight, I needed Prayer –  


“When we Reach out to Others…We Help Ourselves” has been one of our motto’s.  As we get the focus off ourselves and focus on God, God has always allowed us to go beyond what we thought possible…All things are Possible with God! The different ways we reached out, from Meals on Wheels, to the Angel Hugs Library, visits to nursing homes, hospitals and homes, (even out of town) and sometimes in the middle of the night to deliver Angel Hugs Comforters, distributing the many Bibles in our community and to Africa., birthday celebrations, the freezer meals that were provided; our special guest speakers;  the beginning of Udderly-Natural, and most importantly the Angels that came to know Jesus!  To be able to laugh & cry at the same time…just being available to share the Love of Jesus,  these last 3 years have actually taken my breath away – as I look back and ponder of what God has done…What He is doing…and What He is going to continue to do…through us individually…


With all that said, and I could go on, but for the Angels that really know me, I am not one to beat around the bush - For a month, I have been in Fervent Prayer about Angel Hugs Ministry…and the Lord has laid upon my Heart, that this Ministry that has had The Faith, The Obedience and Belief, has accomplished what it was suppose to do and Angel Hugs Ministry is at the end of the path for this Amazing Journey.  I have been wrestling with this decision for sometime, but Jesus always has a way of sending confirmations on the decision. This was Jesus’ ministry all along and not Ms. Netties’.


Through prayer and God’s word, I have found that some Ministries’ have just but a Season to accomplish God’s will for His Glory.  Always remember, it is NEVER about US…it is Always about HIM…


 The Angels that were able to attend the fellowships and that live in the East Texas area have drawn strength; encouragement, knowledge; wisdom from one another and the relationships that have bloomed have been such a blessing.  I continue to be at awe and inspired by each and every one of you. It has been a privilege and honor to be able to serve you, and alongside you!  We may not come together as a group in the future, however, Jesus is very clear, we are to take and share our experiences, our testimonies, and continue to reach out to others whether we have a chronic illness or not, God will always use us right where we are, no matter what! It reminds me of the thorn in Paul’s side that God did not heal or remove, but Paul was obedient in his discipleship regardless and was able to continue Jesus’ Ministry, with God’s help through the Holy Spirit…


As far as the Angel Hugs Library – I would like to donate the books to First Baptist Church of Mixon. They have been supportive from the very beginning of Angel Hugs, and it is only fitting for the church where Angel Hugs came to be, receive the books and materials.  All materials will still be available to Angel’s in East Texas, and any Bibles that we currently have will still be available to ALL Angels to give to those that need a Bible…


There are a few more Angel Hugs Comforters at FBC of Mixon and those are still available to anyone that is in need – These comforters were a Big Part of Angel Hugs Ministry and that can still continue in obedience through YOU!  As for the Ladies at Bethel House, we ALL know how we can reach out to them on an individual basis.  We have good contacts!


For a few more months, the website will still be up and running as well as the Facebook page.


The Lord has closed a door, but he always opens up another in his perfect timing!  I will be available for Women Groups, other Women’s Ministries, Churches, etc. to serve those that need help in starting a Jesus based support group, speaking & sharing Jesus’ Love through testimonies & experiences to women, to relay there is always Hope, and God can and will use you no matter the afflictions in our lives and just to be available to listen…My  main focus however, will be on home, my church & Udderly-Natural, which is a Ministry of its own to further God’s Kingdom.  But, most importantly, being obedient to Father God & spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the World.   


To think, because of a throw of a horse that broke my hip…God taking me through this Amazing Journey, from the deepest valley, to the highest mountain top of Angel Hugs Ministry.  With faith & expectation, I am excited about the next Amazing Journey, as we patiently await his return to take us to perfect completion of the Journey – Heaven…


Angel Hugs,


Ms. Nettie



“See I have Engraved You in the Palm of my Hands…”

Isaiah 49:16

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